The week's events

  • - 5-Stand/Skeet Shoot
    5-Stand/Skeet Shoot

    5-Stand/Skeet Shoot


    5 Stand is 5 presentations at one station shooting 1 single, 1 report pair, 1 true pair. When you shoot that you will rotate to the next station, with a total of 5 station, going through a box of 25 shells.

    Skeet and Trap range open as well.

    Bring some grub to grill on the flames. Or just hang out.

    Schedule a time for sporting clay during the week or weekend. 1-200 person shoots.

    12 & 20g shell available as well as shotgun rental.

    It's FUN come try it.

  • - Oilfield Fun
    Oilfield Fun

    Oilfield Fun


    12 Stations Sporting Clay

    Members $45

    Non Member $50



    Come shoot 5 Stand, Skeet, Trap from 5pm-8pm. Bring the group!

    Members use a prepaid card.

    This is a great time to have fun with everyone. During the winter months we shoot under the lights with orange targets and a camp fire going to stay warm.

    We also have Sport-n-clays for the day events----schedule one!

    It's all a blast.

    We sell 12g 20g shells as well and shotgun rental.